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Feel free to use this tool to scrape as many urls as you like from whichever source you select. CPV is all about finding the right urls to bid on and this free tool will help you do that quickly and easily. The purpose of this tool is to "scrape" google, yahoo, msn, and quantcast for all urls and/or keywords based on the keyword you input. You then take these urls and create varations and misspellings to generate a very low cost, high productivity list of keywords. (Bidding on urls is one of the best ways to guarantee high ROIs.) So input any keyword below and hit submit. NOTE: It can take a minute to process as the system is loading and scraping several pages in one pass, so give it a moment to finish. Once you have this highly targeted list, you should input it into the campaign launcher which is where you can spin as many variations and permutations as you desire.