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Variation Maker
This will replace word 'kwd' with the keyword from the above list. So you can do a lot with this Expansion Box.

Example 1: put `buy` keywords in the textarea like these: buy kwd online, purchase kwd online.

Example 2: put ``, `www kwd com`, ``, `http` etc in the box and you can spin as many desired expansions from that as your think of.

Remember to put one keyword phrase per line per line.
Desired Expansions Options
Wrong Keys Connected No Spaces Connected SP No Spaces
Missed Characters Connected By Hyphens Connected SP By Hyphens
Transposed Characters Connected By Plus Signs Connected SP Plus Signs
Double Characters Connected By Dots Connected SP By Dots
Variation & Permutation and/or Misspelling Results
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The second stage of your keyword/url list making is this step. This can take a single keyword and spit out thousands of variations in under 30 seconds. You can add "buy" keywords before, after and surrounding your base keyword. Then you can have it find all misspellings of not just your base keyword, but all the variations of the base that it manufactured. It can even creates "url" keywords from your base. Lastly it can create "connected" keywords too. This tool is the missing link you need. For best results, put your product or service name only in the keyword list, then think up "buy" keywords or "apply" keywords depending on what you're promoting. Then let this tool build every variation and misspelling you could ever want.