This tool does double duty for you of extracting keywords from a URL, then sending them directly to our scraper technology to provide you with relevant results!


To use this tool start with a URL about the topic you researching targets for. Then click on Search URL. The tool will extract the keywords from the site and place them in the keywords box and automatically run the search. At this point you can review the keywords returned and delete them from the box and then click on Search Keywords again. This will give you the most relevant targets.


This tool is currently unavailable



Google URL Scraper - Exclusive tool to scrape Google results!


URL Site Extractor - Crawl a URL and return keywords and URLs!


YouTube Scraper - Exclusive tool to scrape YouTube results!

Quantcast/Alexa Scraper - Scrape Alexa and Quantcast URLs!

Similar Sites - Find similar sites to any URL you enter.


Preview Popper - Preview your offers as they display on PPV.



Free Tools


Free URL Scraper - Use this to build lists of urls to bid on.


SLAPCHOP! - Use this tool to create variations of your URLs/keywords.