This tool takes a keyword and scrapes the most popular video site, YouTube, and provides you with the results. We have also included the title of the video in the results to make it quick and easy for you to decide if you want to use the URL.


You also have the ability to view each URL and select which one to send to the download file so you can easily eliminate non-relevant targets from your final list.






Google URL Scraper - Exclusive tool to scrape Google results!


URL Site Extractor - Crawl a URL and return keywords and URLs!


YouTube Scraper - Exclusive tool to scrape YouTube results!

Quantcast/Alexa Scraper - Scrape Alexa and Quantcast URLs!

Similar Sites - Find similar sites to any URL you enter.


Preview Popper - Preview your offers as they display on PPV.



Free Tools


Free URL Scraper - Use this to build lists of urls to bid on.


SLAPCHOP! - Use this tool to create variations of your URLs/keywords.